Ordinary Account:
Registration is free
Normal discount
Enjoy the normal promotion that we hold every month

Plus Account:
Pay a yearly membership fee of RM150
Additional Discounts on top of the normal promotion and items
Flash Sales priority
Earn Reward Points

Special Note:
For the launch period of Loco Direct, Plus membership is given out to anyone who signs up with us. No purchase is required. And it’s a free membership for 1 year.
Limited to the first 1000 customers who sign up during Loco Direct’s Launch.

Loco for Business Account
Only applicable if you are buying for your office pantry.
Special discount
Monthly promotions
Earn Reward Points for the company and yourself
Flash sales priority

Reseller Account
Only applicable for business owners who wish to buy from us, to resell in your business.
There is a approval process
Special discount
Monthly promotions
Earn reward points
Flash Sales Priority
New Product launch online tutorials
How to sell - Product knowledge tutorials.
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